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Customer's Suck

I just got screamed at by a customer, it's actually the first time that's happened in a while.

He was mad because the first time he tried to reach the service manager he got his voicemail. I'm sorry, but sometimes, the manager can't pick up the phone, he has customers who want to see him, he has test drives to do, he has technicians who need his help, etc. I told that to the customer and he started screaming that he know's were not busy because he was the only customer here when he dropped his car off at 7:30 this morning. I wanted to say "no shit, there's never anyone here at 7:30, however, it is 4:30 now and we're swamped" but what I said was "would you like me to page the service manager?" He of course said yes, and then a few seconds after I paged the service manager, he hung up and called back. Again, he was screaming so I told him I couldn't understand a word he said when he was screaming at me, he continued screaming anyways, so I told him that if he wanted me to page the service manager again I would but that he would have to hold on the line for more than a few seconds because it takes a minute for the page to go out and then another few minutes for the manager to stop what he is doing and get to the phone. He said he would hold, but guess what, he hung up again, and called back, screaming about how he was wasteing his cell phone minutes. I finally told him to hold and grabbed the first service advisor the answer the phone.

People like that shouldn't be allowed to use a telephone.

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