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Hello...oh god not you again...

9/30/05 12:22 pm - shinydiscoball

I'm Jenna and I'm a receptionist for a fairly large company with like 40 people in my office. I hate, hate, hate when people call and go:

"Someone from your company just tried to call me."

I just have to say, "we have about 40 offices here and so i have no idea who tried to call you."

9/30/05 12:19 pm - shinydiscoball

the lady sounded very uninterested and spoke in monotone.

Me: Thank you for calling _____ this is Jenna.
lady: I was looking for information on your product.
Me: Would you like sales or just general information?
Lady: yes.
Me: Ok...what state are you in?
Lady: Texas.
Me: In your state our sales are done through So-and-so. Would you like their toll free number?
Lady: no. bye. *click*

8/22/05 05:34 pm - foxsgurl - Are you kidding me???

I just got off the phone with this woman, this is how the call went:

Me - "Good afternoon, ********* and ****** Ford."

Woman - "This is who?"

Me - "This is ********* and ****** Ford"

Woman - "This is the real estate place?"

Me - "No ma'am, this is "********* and ****** Ford."

Woman - "This is who?"

Me - "No ma'am, this is ********* and ****** Ford, we're a Ford dealership."

Woman - "Oh, that's right, I forgot who I called"

Me - "...ok...how can I help you"

Woman - "This is who again?:

Me - "Ma'am, this is ********* and ******  Ford, we are a Ford dealership, how can I help you???"

Woman - "Oh yeah, I need the service department."

That phone call should have lasted exactly 2 seconds. And yet, she managed to drag it out for a few minutes, while my other lines lit up.


8/18/05 01:51 pm - foxsgurl - First Post

Name: Anna

Occupation (if it pertains to the annoying calls...): Receptionist

Any pet-peeves (about calls...): Life stories, that is callers who insist on giving me every single bit of information that they can think of, that has nothing to do with why they called and does not help me direct there call in the least little bit.

I'll also include an annoying called I recieved yesterday.

Me "********* and ****** Ford, how can I help you?"

Man "Ummm, yes I have been recieving credit cards for a person by the name of Carmen *********"

Me "Ok?"

Man "Well, I was wondering if that person had anything to do with your business"

Me, after smashing my head into the switchboard "No sir, we don't have anyone by that name who works here."

Man "Ok, so you're sure"

Me, witholding the urge to say, 'Just kidding, that's me, and what the hell are you doing with my credit cards???' (sarcasim, btw) "No sir, we don't have anyone here by that name, is there anything else I can help you with?"

Then he just hung up. No "that's all I needed, thank you, bye-bye", he just hung up. Rude people suck.

Well, now we have our first post. :)


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